With the endless variety of activities and organizations available to our schools, communities and churches, fund raising has become a necessary facet of generating profit.  Finding a worthwhile fundraiser can be challenging.  Lena’s Fundraising is a perfect solution – high quality, desirable products fairly priced that are designed to maximize profits.  Lena’s offers delicious St. Louis-style pizzas and products to groups that want to have confidence in what they are selling.

We invite you to learn more about how your organization can increase sales and profits by selling Lena’s authentic pizzas and products at your next fundraising event.

We are grateful for your interest.  Please support a locally owned and operated company by taking a few moments to review our fundraising program information.

Why Lena’s Pizza

Let’s face it – people of the St. Louis area know their pizza. They love it, crave it and need it. They’re experts on it. They want quality and are willing to spend a little extra to get it. Oh, and there is one must have – Provel!

With Lena’s pizza, we deliver all of that. We are the only frozen pizza in the universe to use only 100% Provel cheese. Others might use a mix or blend, but we are the real deal when it comes to St. Louis style pizza. It’s a difference you can tell from the very first bite to the last.

When it comes to all of the other toppings, we use nothing but the freshest meats and produce from local vendors. From farm to finish, our meats are carefully selected to ensure our quality is of the highest possible standards. With whole strips of mouth watering bacon and individually pinched pieces of sausage, Lena’s packs flavor in every bite, edge to edge.

Sales Tips

  • Introduce yourself & the organization
  • Explain the reason for the sale
  • Point out the fresh quality and 100% real Provel cheese.
  • Fill out the order form with the help of the customer, advising delivery date
  • Smile and thank customers for their support
  • Have parents take a brochure to work
  • Remember your neighbors, friends and relatives.


• Fundraising teams/groups are responsible for printing off their own Lena’s forms.
• A grand total sheet must be submitted once all orders have been collected.
• Pizzas come 12 pizzas to a case. Due to time and space constraints, we cannot separate orders. Additional boxes can be supplied upon request.
• There is a lead time of 10 business days from when a final order is submitted and when it will be delivered.
• Delivery days are tentative and subject to change. While we can give a window of time when deliveries will be made, we cannot guarantee orders will be delivered at a specific time.
• Orders can be picked up at 800 North 17th Street, St. Louis, MO 63106.

For additional questions or concerns, please call Tiffany at 314-571-5112.